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the art connection

Mixed Media Art Samples by Amzie & Drake

$20 per 5x7 original unexpected artwork

mailed via United States Postal Service

20% of proceeds will be donated to T1 International Minnesota

to support #insulin4all


foster CONNECTIONS between friends & family during the COVID19 pandemic

bring AWARENESS to Type 1 diabetes & the high cost of insulin

show SUPPORT of visual arts, mental health, T1 International - MN, & the USPS 

spread JOY by the simple act of sending & receiving mail



You will receive a drawing or painting, maybe a sketch and some written words, or possibly a mixed media collage created by Amzie & her 5 yr old son Drake... whatever it is, it will be a fun surprise! Each artwork will include signatures of the artist(s), date, time, & Amzie’s blood sugar the moment it is finished!

These art pieces would make great 'just because' surprise gifts for friends and family; Amzie can add a short note as well - so please specify. You are encouraged to send a “word” that Amzie & Drake loosely base their inspiration on; examples would be things like "dinosaur", the "universe", or "missing you". 


Venmo $20 along with a NAME & ADDRESS to @Amzie ...and that's it! Your surprise original artwork will be dropped in a mailbox within ONE week! can use PayPal if you prefer PayPal.Me/bluecirclearttherapy 

Thanks for all of your support!

With Love,

Amzie & Drake

Email Amzie with any questions.

Amzie is an Art Therapist/Owner of Blue Circle Art Therapy. She is also an artist & mother who lives with Type 1 diabetes. This project was created to raise money for T1 International - Minnesota along with supporting the Blue Circle Art Studio during this time of uncertainty. Any questions please contact Amzie Reeves.


You may not like what you receive, but I encourage you to look at it upside down or sideways or maybe you can fix it by adding your own flare. If you are truly disappointed with what you receive - we will try again. Please remember these artworks are not meant to be "masterpieces" by any means, they are meant to simply bring a smile to someones face!


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